About us

Our company

Abordage" is a word cried by the French Pirates in the Caribbean while launching an attack and boarding a galleon.
With a great devotion to both the sea and sailing, Abordage has been proudly producing beautifully hand crafted ship models since the company’ inception in 1989.
The company workshop is located on the Island of Hispaniola where Columbus landed during his first voyage.

Abordage started building replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus crossing to the New World. Challenged to build an exact replica of the original ship, the first model of the Santa Maria was built according to plans from the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. We became then the exclusive manufacturer of a limited edition of wooden scale models of the Columbus Caravels.

Today the company employs highly skilled craftsmen who work only with the finest materials. Hundreds of hours go into making each model, from the original lofting of plans to the finishing touches. Hull construction is either hand laid-up resin or plank on bulkhead with a selection of precious wood. Deck details are reproduced with custom-made brass and chromed brass castings. Hand sanded hulls are finished with marine varnishes and polyurethane paint.

Our facility includes a department for custom models, 2 painting workshops, a professional wood workshop, a laser cutting department, a brass and resin casting section and also a chroming department. The company has its own engineering department working on the design of the custom models or the development of the new prototype for construction.

Thanks to our high precision equipment and tools, the “savoir faire” and experience of skilled craftsmen, a meticulous construction process and quality control, Abordage is committed to supply high-end models with adjusted prices.

Our team

Our Team of craftsmen have been trained for years to become Master Artisans.
An expert of Wooden Art, P. Herbreteau, graduated from L'Ecole Boulle,
the International Applied Arts School of Paris since 1891, will control the quality of our selection of hardwood as well as the workmanship and the techniques of construction.

In 30 years Abordage has become a reference in handcrafting classic and modern ship models:

  • Commissioned scale model with perfect conformity for yacht designers and shipyards.
  • Accurate custom replicas for passionate and demanding owners.
  • Prestigious Gifts for fans of sea and yachting.
  • Sailing trophies for Regattas (we will build replicas of your sailing class !)
  • Corporate gifts for Race Sponsors.

An Abordage Model is a source of endless pleasure, as already experienced by thousands of proud owners all around the world.