MJM 40z


MJM 40z

New product

MJM 40z desk model built by Abordage Expand

Abordage has built this MJM 40z desk model.

Easy to handle, it will highlight your office. Besides, it comes with a display case which will emphasize your purchase.

To quote desk models, please contact us at abordage@abordage.com

More details

Finely Handcrafted Nautical Models by Master Artisans.

Special packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking.

Dedicated staff and expertise to build your own custom model.



MJM Yachts LLC was founded in 2002 by Bob Johnstone. His focus on seaworthiness, performance and ease-of-handling carry over into MJM Yachts. Competing powerboat builders use dated, low cost and/or heavy fiberglass construction methods. They've left the door open for MJM Yachts to apply Formula One or America's Cup technology to build stronger and lighter powerboats having less drag. Official Website: http://www.mjmyachts.com/



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