Ocean Alexander 74 "Platinum Princess"

Ocean Alexander Ocean Alexander

Ocean Alexander Motoryacht 74 "P

New product

Ocean Alexander 74 model built by Abordage Expand

The new Ocean Alexander 74’ - custom model built by Abordage.

"Looks wonderful ...send it out ...I can't wait to get it!!!" S.S.

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Finely Handcrafted Nautical Models by Master Artisans.

Special packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking.

Dedicated staff and expertise to build your own custom model.


BrandOcean Alexander

Ocean Alexander is obsessed with proving that their yachts have unmistakable splendor and engineering excellence. They remain fanatical about performance and are gripped with the idea that any object this wondrous and rare deserves to be constantly examined and refined. Official website: www.oceanalexander.com