Pogo 12.50

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Pogo 12.50

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Pogo 12.50 Model built by Abordage Expand

Pogo 12.50

Le Chantier Structures en collaboration avec Finot-Conq Architectes et Roséo design ont conçu le Pogo 12.50.

Abordage est fier d'avoir construit cette maquette qui va être présentée au Salon Nautique de Paris du 4 au 12 Décembre 2010.

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Finely Handcrafted Nautical Models by Master Artisans.

Special packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking.

Dedicated staff and expertise to build your own custom model.



Pogos have won a significant number of offshore races including the Mini-Transat, the Transquadra, the Québec Saint-Malo, the Route du Rhum… They are proud of this, as they are of the hundreds of pogos cruising trouble-free all over the world for the sole pleasure of their owners and their families and friends. Official website: www.pogostructures.com


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