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Beneteau is a French brand of sailboats and powerboats. Founded in 1884, Beneteau has become one of the world’s leading sailboat manufacturers, with a range of boats to suit every sailor’s needs. Beneteau boats are known for their quality construction and innovative design, making them a popular choice for both recreational and professional sailors.

The Beneteau brand has been around for over a century and is known for producing some of the highest quality yachts and boats in the world. Beneteau boats are designed to be both comfortable and luxurious, while offering a high level of performance and reliability. Beneteau boats are also renowned for their style and design, as they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any sailor’s needs.

The brand offers a wide selection of boats to choose from. For those starting out, the First and Oceanis range of Beneteau sailboats are ideal for first-time sailors. These boats offer a great combination of comfort and performance, with their spacious interiors and easy-to-handle rigging.

For those looking for a more luxurious experience, the Sense and Gran Turismo range of Beneteau sailboats are the perfect choice. These boats offer an impressive level of comfort and performance, with their luxurious interiors and advanced technology.

For those looking for a more challenging sailing experience, the Beneteau Figaro and First Class ranges are the perfect choice. These boats are designed to be fast and maneuverable, while also offering a high level of comfort.

Finally, for those looking for the ultimate Beneteau sailboat experience, the brand’s flagship ranges, the Bénéteau Grand Large and Grand Large Prestige, offer the ultimate in luxury and performance. These boats are designed to be used in the most demanding sailing conditions and are built to the highest standards.



  • Commissioned scale model with perfect conformity for yacht designers and shipyards.

  • Accurate custom replicas for passionate and demanding owners.

  • Prestigious Gifts for fans of sea and yachting.

  • Sailing trophies for Regattas

  • Corporate gifts for Race Sponsors.

A custom made replica

Abordage has built more than 3,000 custom boat models over the past 30 years with even more satisfied owners worldwide.
Our crew has great experience in building custom boat models for Private Owners, Yacht Designers and Shipyards.
Model of any vessel, from any period can be commissioned thanks to our long experience building one of a kind custom models.


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