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Ted Hood started building and marketing his Little Harbor line of sailboats. These yachts were built in Japan, 1959-1960 and in Holland at Franz Maas, 1960-1978, then to Taiwan; first at yards that Hood had relationships with, and later at his own yard located in the most northern tip of Taiwan. By the end of the 1980's, Little Harbor had become known as one of the highest quality yachts one could own. About 200 of his Little Harbor custom yachts, from 35 to 135 feet, are sailing today, starting at Franz Maas in Holland in 1961-1973 and from Taiwan 1980-1996, and many other countries; Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Holland, Sweden, France, New Zealand, Poland, Turkey, and China; large custom sailing yachts from 90 to 135 feet.

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