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  • Shelter Island

    For over 30 years these builders and craftspeople have dedicated their skills to building some of the most unique and admired boats in the Northeast. Their meticulous attention to detail guides them through the building process, resulting in boats that are of unparalleled quality and beauty. Official Website:

  • Snipe

    The Snipe is a 15 1/2 foot, 2 person, one design racing dinghy which has delivered an enjoyable sailing experience and outstanding long term value for its owners for over 75 years. It is a great boat for all including families, sailors and retirees. First designed in 1931, the Snipe has consistently been one of the top two person sailboat racing dinghies around the world. Official Website:

  • Sparkman & Stephens

    Olin Stephens began his career as a self-taught sailor in Massachusetts. After apprenticing in yacht design he started a successful partnership with yacht broker, Drake Sparkman. Together, they created solid racing and cruising designs which helped popularize the sport of yacht racing. Official Website:

  • Stamas

    Stamas Yacht remains one of the oldest, family-owned boat companies in the US, maintaining their devotion to detail for more than 60 years. The Stamas brothers pioneered the use of fiberglass in boat construction and switched ocmpletely from wood to fiberglass in 1959. Official Website:

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  • Sunseeker

    Sunseeker has continuously surprised the public and boat owners over the years. Their designs continue to push the creative limits of speed, grace, style, space, flexibility and luxury. Through constant innovation & excellence their yachts are sold in 61 countries. 

  • Tartan

    Tartan's 50+ history has come about through the resourceful designers, engineers and boatbuilders who have continuously established new standards of performace, quality and craftsmanship. These yachts deliver luxurious accommodations and safe, well-mannered sailing performance in all conditions.  Official Website:



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