Farr 40 half hull

Farr Farr

Farr 40 half hull

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Farr 40 Expand

Discover the flush deck half hull of the Farr 40.

We've built the all range of models for the Rolex Farr 40 World Championship 2010 

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Finely Handcrafted Nautical Models by Master Artisans.

Special packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking.

Dedicated staff and expertise to build your own custom model.

Farr designers are also leaders in developing fast, comfortable custom and production cruising yachts. Their well thought out concepts in cruising designs satisfy owners with practical interior arrangements, smart sail plans and deck layouts, kind handling characteristics in all conditions, with safe, well engineered hulls and superior performance. Official website: http://www.farrdesign.com/



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