Riva Aquarama Special 1972 ship model

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Riva Aquarama designed  by Carlo Riva, Italy.

"Rolls-Royce of the Sea", "Stradivarius of Boating" are just some of the phrases that have been used to describe the Riva Aquarama. The Riva Aquarama will forever be worshiped.

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Finely Handcrafted Nautical Models by Master Artisans.

Special packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking.

Dedicated staff and expertise to build your own custom model.

Abordage is licensed by Riva S.p.A. to build this perfect replica.

Plank on bulkhead construction. 8 glossy coats of varnished is applied on the hull to give a mirror finish.

The vinyl and leather use in the construction is purchased at Riva directly to match the real boat.

Drawing has been supplied by Riva for a precise construction.

All the deck fittings are brass chromed in our workshop.

A Masterpiece !

Size63 cm L x 20 cm High
Historic NoteIn 1962, Carlo Riva introduced the Aquarama series of new fast runabouts. This powerfull bi-motor has so much charm and elegance that she is compared with Rolls-Royce and Ferrari.

The Riva legacy dates back to 1842 when Pietro Riva repaired boats after a sudden storm. Generation after generation has maintained a high level of quality and workmanship. The Riva brand which has become a synonym for elegance, status and perfection. Materials chosen only from the very best available, painstaking care taken over detail, and decades worth of artisan experience. Official website: www.rivaboats.com