Riva Aquariva Super 33'

Riva Riva


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Riva Aquariva Super desk model by Abordage Expand

This replica of the 33' Aquariva which is the boat that, may be more than any others, represents the natural conjunction point between the past Riva and the one of the future, is just amazing.

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Admire the style and elegance, it's just a model from Abordage.

Comes with a protective display case.

The Riva legacy dates back to 1842 when Pietro Riva repaired boats after a sudden storm. Generation after generation has maintained a high level of quality and workmanship. The Riva brand which has become a synonym for elegance, status and perfection. Materials chosen only from the very best available, painstaking care taken over detail, and decades worth of artisan experience. Official website: www.rivaboats.com