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Custom Models - - Weatherly 1962 - Abordage Expand

Weatherly 1962 designed by Philip Leonard Rhodes. Half Hull built by Abordage.

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A custom made replica

Abordage has built more than 3,000 custom boat models over the past 30 years with even more satisfied owners worldwide.
Our crew has great experience in building custom boat models for Private Owners, Yacht Designers and Shipyards.
Model of any vessel, from any period can be commissioned thanks to our long experience building one of a kind custom models.


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Historic NotePhilip Leonard Rhodes is one of the few naval architects to break the domination of Sparkman & Stephens from 1958 to 1983. Although Weatherly was not able to beat Vim and Columbia in 1958, she defended the Cup 4 years later and conceded one race
Half Hull SizeMedium (75cm X 20cm)
Size75 X 20cm
By on 18 May 2021 (Weatherly 1962) :

The models all look great

Dear Cynthia and Denis—-Greetings from Newport. Our renovation is complete and everything is back where it belongs, including all of the half-hull models. Attached are some photos of the models, with my new H12 1/2 along with Courageous, Freedom, Liberty, Australia II and Stars and Stripes ‘87 all on the wall overlooking Newport Harbor. My old Naval Academy Luders Yawl is mounted on a bookcase, and nearby facing the harbor are Columbia, Weatherly, Constellation and Intrepid. The room is pretty much a homage to the 12 Meter era, and OpSail ‘76 that I participated in, along with a few of my own boats. The models all look great, and of course several of the Twelves still are sailing here daily in the summer. Thank you and hopefully I can meet you on one of your Newport trips. Best, Tom Gibson

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